This collection of resources are things we believe will help you decide what to try growing and how to address issues with pests and disease.  (Note: these files are also available on our Facebook page)

SBVG Continuing Education Clinic Summaries

If you were not or will not be able to make all or some of the eight week long continuing education clinics that began on October 25th in the early evenings, below are summaries of the presentations for your perusal.

Soil Preparation and Amendments Clinic, October 25, 2017

Nutrient Needs of Plants, Deficiencies & Fertilization, January 17, 2018

Composting tips Workshop, January 24, 2018

Container Gardening

Links to material at the University of Florida, IFAS Extension website.

Community Gardening

Growing Guides and other information

Garden Map – Updated October 10, 2017 – SOUTH BEACH VICTORY GARDEN MAP

To our new Gardeners

Easy to Grow Vegetables

Suggested Plants to Try

South Florida Planting Guide by Month

Your Edible South Florida Yard

Diseases & Pests

South Florida Pests (UF-IFAS)

Aphids: 12 organic ways to get rid of them

Fusarium Wilt

Managing nematodes with sunn hemp NG04300